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The following soundmaps are slowly evolving projects of mine assigning sounds to specific geographical locations where they were recorded.
Using cartography, they form a 'sonic portrait', a revealing snapshot from a precise geographical location, as they were, at that time, in that place, in that moment.

(my home from 2010-2012)

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(Europe-wide collection)

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(my current location)

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Click to open the maps and listen to the location. (Navigate around the maps clicking on any of the red circles to hear, or download, the audio recorded at that particular place)
Note: Whilst these recordings are presented here to be listened to in whichever way you wish, it is recommended that some are listened to using headphones. Many sounds were recorded using binaural microphone techniques. Your listening experience will be better enhanced and will often give a more 'true' stereo representation when a good pair of headphones are used in these cases.

For a selection of sounds featured in the soundmaps in list format, click

All of the maps utilise the ever-expanding
radio:aporee site where thousands more sounds recorded by myself and many, many others can be found. Click here to explore.

Page last updated: 12/11/2015
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