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sheffield soundwalks
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What is a soundwalk?

A soundwalk, simply put, places all focus on our acoustic environment as we travel through it. Focussed listening exercises can take place anywhere. The emphasis is always on deep listening. The purpose is to develop our listening skills and to learn more about our sonic environment and our place within it.

This analysis of soundwalking by Hildergard Westercamp was re-published most recently in: Autumn Leaves, Sound and the Environment in Artistic Practice, Ed. Angus Carlyle, Double Entendre, Paris, 2007. It gives an insight into the fundamental reasons for taking part in such soundwalks. Click here to read it.

Coming soon!

Explore the Sheffield soundscape by taking part in upcoming soundwalks scheduled to take place in 2014.

If you are interested in joining in, please
contact us.

Upcoming soundwalks will be taking place in Sheffield City Centre, Shalesmoor, Neepsend, Kelham Island, Attercliffe, Meersbrook, Ecclesall and more are scheduled to take place later in 2014.

Soon, we'll present many more suggestions of Sheffield sonic spaces for you to this space.

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Page last updated: 12/11/2015
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