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....charting occasional, irregular movements and actions.

PlastiCities // Foundry...


The official Foundry project website containing information on all the recordings, playback and free download of all tracks is now officially online and can be found at

The companion booklet in .pdf format can be downloaded

The Art Of Wandering...


As a precursor to the Furnace Park Project release, listening posts have been installed within a temporary exhibition taking place in Sheffield. Enabling the listeners to sample the work produced over the last few months, 'The Art of Wandering' opens 18th-31st July Preview 17th 6-8pm, 35, Chapel Walk, Sheffield.

For more information you can visit their website by clicking

The exhibition introduction reads as follows:

'Psychogeography is an approach to exploring an individual’s relationship with their urban environment. It is a playful and inventive method for exploring physical and psychological spaces within the city, using walking or ‘drifting’ as a practice and method. Psychogeography allows the architectural, geographical and emotional contours of the city to subconsciously guide individuals to authentic experiences and a renewed awareness of their urban landscape.
The Art of Wandering explores the Psychogeography of Sheffield. The artists focus on the overlooked, the unseen and the lesser explored aspects of our city, surveying urban unconsciousness and emotional space. Many of the artists document Sheffield as a homeland, experienced though a visitor’s perspective. This collaborative outlook provides the viewer with a combined experience, inviting the visitor to an exclusive insight and welcomes the regular passer-by to reimagine their local landscape.'

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Life has taken a slightly different turn recently for one reason or another. Sound projects continue as and when circumstances allow. The art work for the
Hört/Ohört release continues (very!) slowly.

A concurrent project being undertaken presently is the
Furnace Park Project.

I've been commissioned to produce a piece of sound work contributing to a release slated for Summer 2015. Working title is "All is here now."

Coinciding with scheduled workshops, soundwalks, radio work, showcase and possible book production, it's a nice project to be involved in featuring a broad range of eventual outputs.

It's great to be working back in Sheffield in the area where I first lived, back in 1993. A completion of a circle, of sorts. The areas of interest primarily includes Shalesmoor and Kelham Island.

More on this to follow...

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Inside The Circle of Fire...

2013.09.12 - 2014.02.23

I contributed some sound work to a sound map project curated by Chris Watson, which was presented as part of an ongoing 'listening installation' at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield UK.
A page from the Millennium Gallery website introducing the project can be found
here. A more detailed piece in The Guardian newspaper was written during the project (2013.10.25) casts more light on the project and is well worth a read. Read it here.

Beautiful noise...


Due to
foreseen (planned 9 months in advance no less) circumstances, acousticbaffle's movements are on a brief hiatus due to the birth of our new daughter, Lucy. Noise of a much more visceral nature dominate the air for now……..

Works resume as and when opportunities arise…...

Lucy Doune Hogg

Recording 'The Devil's Arse'


Spent two fantastic days recording audio and video for a future project in The Devil's Arse a.k.a. Peak Cavern, Castleton, in the Derbyshire Peak District. The name of the cavern has its origins in the flatulent-sounding noises emanating from an area of one of the caves (Lumbago Walk) when flood water recedes. The name was changed in 1880 to 'Peak Cavern' from The Devil's Arse in order not to offend Queen Victoria when she visited to watch a concert in the cave. The mouth of The Peak Cavern is the largest cave entrance in Britain, standing at a staggering 19m high, 31m wide and 104m long. The Castleton cave was home to Britain's last troglodytes - people who set up home inside caves - until approximately 1915. More information can be found
here. My thanks to John Harrison for allowing me the opportunity to record at length. Plans have already been made to return for a follow-up session in March.

(The Devil's Arse a.k.a Peak Cavern, Castleton )

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Port of Sheffield launch

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The Port Of Sheffield digital audio trail was officially launched as part of Festival of the Mind, Sheffield, UK.

The evolving, interactive digital trail takes place along the towpath of the Tinsley Navigation in the east end of the City of Sheffield. Participants walk its 3.5 mile length from the canal basin in the City centre to Tinsley Locks, along a trail overlaid with 'locative' GPS-triggered audio and visuals.
The project re-focuses the city on a semi-abandoned and once prosperous part of its' landscape; the Tinsley and Sheffield canal system and environs. I had the pleasure to meet and record many fascinating people with stories to tell.

Download the Port Of Sheffield digital audio trail FREE from the AppStore here.

field studies 2012


Participated in Field Studies 2012. Organised by the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University.

It explores the possibilities of engaging with places through listening, and working with recorded sound as a creative and practical tool in the context of architecture, the city and art practice.
Field Studies is organised by Musarc, a sound and architecture research platform at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design (ASD), London Metropolitan University, and led by Joseph Kohlmaier.

I had the pleasure to work with Davide Tidoni for the duration.

A Balloon for Linz from davide tidoni on Vimeo.

A Balloon for a Water Tower from davide tidoni on Vimeo.

For more information:

fountains abbey jackdaws


Residents of Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, UK.

honey bees
Working with (another) Martin, a local Reading beekeeper, we've been making some recordings of his honey bee hives in Reading, UK. I placed a pair of stereo omni mics in between the central frames, deep within one of the hives. It's resulted in some really interesting recordings. We also made an all-night recording to monitor activity levels etc. An extract can be heard below....

Photo: Alex Foxon

The Field Reporter Radio #9

Programmed by
Flavien Gillié, a recording I made of the Umeå sirens testing made earlier this year has been included in the latest Field Reporter radio programme.

lend me your ear

A write-up in the local paper about the upcoming second volume of ‘Heard_Unheard’ - the sonic tour guide of Sheffield, soundmapping and the art of listening.


(Sheffield Star. 2012.06.11 Penned by Mr Colin Drury)

Port of Sheffield


I’m extremely pleased to be part of the team currently planning a major site-specific theatre and performance project entitled ‘The Port Of Sheffield’.
In the pre-production stage at present, work is well underway to produce a project due to take place in two stages: the first, a digital audio trail along the Tinsley Navigation in Sheffield, UK (scheduled for Autumn 2012) followed, secondly, by a site-specific theatrical performance piece in the same locality (scheduled for Spring 2013). More details and information can be found on the website

IMG_0513 IMG_0517 IMG_0521 IMG_0527
IMG_0544 IMG_0570 IMG_0572 IMG_0574

a quiet position

I joined a small number of field recordists, artists and other interested parties for a weekend of recording and listening at the ‘Biscuit Factory’, Bermondsey, London. An incredible space, currently housing
Soundfjord’s (who also organised the event) ‘V22 Summer Club’ and SOUND//SPACE, a temporary pop-up record store and community hub. The workshop, led by Jez Riley French, resulted in some great work. Much knowledge garnered, and inspiration surfaced. Valuable opportunities were taken to try new recording techniques and test different equipment. A pair of DPA 4060’s are now on the shopping list....

IMG_0911 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0917 IMG_0918 IMG_0944

A few audio examples can be heard here:

stockholm tape
Translations gratefully accepted....

Found hidden within a disused hydro-electric plant in Baggböle just outside Umeå, Sweden. The same site that is home to the 'buddha' sculpture -
The only markings on the tape reel was 'Stockholm' written in yellow marker.
Sat on a shelf with unknown contents recorded on it, a year passed before finally hearing it.

don engine

Recordings are currently being taken of some of the industrial steel manufacturing machinery at Kelham Island Museum. Among others, the museum houses the Don Engine. Built in 1905 and churning out a breathtaking 12,000 horsepower, it is a steam engine originally used for hot rolling steel armour plate. It’s thought to be the biggest in Europe of its kind. The engine is still run twice a day at 12pm and 2pm Monday-Thursday (check the website). More information can be found here.

An example of the engine’s sound can be heard here via Udo Noll’s excellent radio:aporee site. Listened to ‘out of context’, the engine sounds almost more like a timpani/flute-free-jazz-improv-piece than a steam powered machine going through it’s paces. Click
here for a sample.

IMG_0864 IMG_0888 IMG_0889

IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0892

steel city

It’s been a while! Excited to announce a plethora of new content imminently being brought about. New ideas, new projects. Exciting contacts made. Now things are becoming settled again after the big move, Sheffield is once again providing stimulus and inspiration in its’ own inimitable way. New work in the form of the mammoth 8 x EP set of soundscape compositions from Sweden ‘Hört/Ohört(working title) is nearing completion and we are aiming for a summer release. A new book is under way continuing the theme of the previous ‘sonic tour guide’. Details are near completion of a new website section of ‘soundwalks’, intended to take place during 2012 and into 2013. More details in the ‘soundwalk’ section as they develop. General site re-vamps are imminent too, just a few more things to complete first. The new Sheffield soundmap is also under way and sounding interesting. Listen to this space.....


After 16 creative months in Umeå, Sweden, it’s time to return to the UK and, it is hoped, bigger and yet better things.....
Recordings and outcomes will see the light of day as, and when. Much more to follow.
Acousticbaffle’s activities will resume after a very brief hiatus. This, after an intense period of filling, loading, unfilling and unloading boxes upon boxes upon boxes.......
Activities will re-commence in March.
“Tack så mycket, Umeå. Adjö!”

Hört/Ohört - sonic tour guide published

I am very pleased to announce that the first print publication is available online as of today.
‘Hört/Ohört. Issue #1. Umeå. A sonic guide to audible curiosities in and around the City of Umeå.’
76 pages. Full colour. 8 sonic sites. Maps included.
Available in Hardback/softback/ebook. Preview and purchasing:
Issues #2, #3 and #4 already on the ‘operating table’........



A taster of some of the breathtaking sunsets we’re currently enjoying up here in the North, before the snow hits us:

(Bettnesand, 903 26 Umeå)

tour guide


The planning of the book layout has begun. Text is well on its way and the images are almost complete. Expecting first prints by early December. More news to follow.
Working title: ‘Umeå Hört/Ohört.’




Reading a Hildergard Westerkamp lecture transcript entitled ‘Bauhaus and Soundscape Studies - Exploring Connections and Differences’. Recommended reading regarding industrial design and acoustic soundscape studies.
Article can be found

art of noises
Another text which is always interesting to return to is Futurist manifesto writer Luigi Russolo’s letter to the composer, Balilla Pratella, entitled ‘The Art of Noises’. A text that rejoices in the sounds of industry and common sounds. He suggested that everyday sounds should be heard as a piece of music in itself. His thoughts hint at artistic forms yet to come in the compositional process eventually to become known as ‘music concrete’.

The transcription of this text can be found

spliced ice


Testing the new hydrophone in thawing, frozen ice. The hydrophone is an Aquarian H2a.

Anyone interested in ice-based sound recording should take a listen to Andreas Bick's 'Frost Pattern' piece. Highly recommended.



A new listening to
Daphne Oram ‘Oramics’. Well worth getting hold of.

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