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Martin Hogg is a freelance artist, field recordist, educator, radio trainer and occasional broadcaster.

Currently residing in Nottingham UK, Martin is currently working on projects involving sound-mapping, field recording composition and extensive research study in the fields of acoustic ecology, sonic architecture, field recording and aspects of creativity and learning within the UK education sector.

His compositions involve use of found sound, field recordings and other electro-acoustic processes. As an advocate of acoustic ecology he has worked closely within the education sector throughout South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the Midlands in the UK on projects developing listening skills, noise awareness and radio broadcast projects. He is also a regular contributor to
radio:::aporee’, a world soundmapping project.

Via the Creative Partnerships initiative, in the role of ‘Creative Practitioner’, Martin has worked alongside numerous different schools developing long-term creative education strategies. Creative Partnerships’s ethos is one of promoting creativity within the learning environment whilst developing a willingness and desire to explore the unconventional (with regards to pedagogy / curriculum / school structure etc). It engenders a willingness to take risks, to remove fear of making mistakes and aims to demonstrate a firm commitment to sustainable change. It actively seeks to promote a common understanding that failure should be embraced as a key part of the learning process. With a strong leaning towards independent learning, Martin works alongside both teaching staff and students to develop new ideas and put them into practice.

Martin has also worked as Associate Lecturer on Film Soundtrack Composition as part of the Media Studies course at Sheffield Hallam University. With a particular interest in foley sound and sound design, Martin has recorded, edited and produced both radio drama and documentary features within the broadcast sector.

As a member of a small team, Martin established and co-managed a new community radio station, RedroadFM in 2002. After numerous RSL broadcasts and a successful bid to Ofcom, the project resulted in a full-time, community-led radio station that is still broadcasting today. As an integral part of Redroad Music Project, he also engaged in many youth work training activities in and around South Yorkshire during this time. Alongside this, he has produced and authored accredited music technology courses in Sequencing, Synthesis and Sampling aimed at young people. He has also authored and taught numerous, accredited, Radio Production training initiatives via his Local Education Authorities and Local Council Youth Services among numerous others.

Martin has worked on four different radio stations in the past and has advised numerous schools (from 5 to 19 age-range) on all aspects of broadcasting at various levels including podcasting, web-streaming systems, recording techniques, journalism, studio design, programming content and scheduling.

As Portland Artspace co-Manager, he established Portland Artspace, Sheffield UK in 1997. Initially an arts ‘umbrella’ for up to 10 artists providing studio workspace and developing creative opportunities, the Artspace, situated in
Portland Works, took part in numerous projects and exhibitions and made contributions to a wealth of artistic 'happenings' in and around Sheffield during that time until it’s eventual cessation in 2002.

Martin undertook his art education at Winchester School of Art and Sheffield Hallam University with a Foundation Studies Diploma and a BAHons in Fine Art specialising in mixed media & sound.
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